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Amanda, Caleb & Isaac

  • 19, 10 & 10 Years Old

  • Amanda: Spina Bifida

    Caleb: Autism, congenital CMV, hearing & vision loss, sensory issues

    Isaac: Pallister Killian Syndrome 

Amanda, Caleb & Isaac come from a family of eight! Sunshine on a Ranney Day’s plans to create an accessible bathroom and therapy room for them will impact all three in different and wonderful ways.

Amanda is 19 years old and was born in China. She was born with spina bifida which causes her to be paralyzed from the waist down. She has been with her family since she was 13 years old and is such a joy! She uses a wheelchair and other medical equipment and has had many major surgeries since she’s been home. Amanda loves reading, anime, art and is very talented with drawing. She is also very excited to start her first job soon. A handicap accessible bathroom will be such a blessing to her!

Sunshine on a Ranney Day’s plans to create an accessible bathroom and therapy room for them will impact all three in different and wonderful ways.

Caleb is 10 years old and was born with congenital CMV and calcifications on his brain. He was adopted at 4 weeks old and he is such a cutie pie. He has severe autism and loves to quote books, movies and especially nursery rhymes. Singing, swinging and swimming are his very favorite activities. Everyone who meets Caleb falls in love with him. He is funny, sweet and silly. He will enjoy a new playroom/therapy room so very much.

Isaac is 10 and was born with Pallister Killian Syndrome which is a rare genetic disorder that affects the 12th chromosome. He was adopted at 5 months old when he was discharged from the NICU. He is blind, deaf and intellectually he is still their baby. He is an absolute JOY to his family. Isaac’s smile can melt a heart of stone! His laughter echoes through their home reminding his family that there is joy all around us if we just open the eyes of our hearts to see it! He loves swinging, lights, vibrating toys, and being held and tickled. He also utilizes a wheelchair and because of his size, an accessible shower is going to be the most amazing gift to him and to his parents. He will also love and enjoy the new therapy room! 

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  • ACI_2023_family_0014

Photography by Shana Darnell


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  • 7 Years Old

  • Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy

In 2015, Crystal gave birth to twins Peyton and Taylor at 26 weeks. Both only weighed a little over a pound a piece! Taylor had a brain bleed and Peyton suffered bilateral brain bleeds grade 3 and 4. After both came down with hydrocephalus, the girls got a VP shunt to help drain extra cerebrospinal fluid from the brain. All of this resulted in 3 months in the NICU! For the first year of their lives afterward, all seemed normal until they noticed Peyton was ignoring her right hand. They soon began early interventions and before long Peyton was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, affecting the right side of her body. She worked super hard in therapies and was able to take her first steps at 3 years old! Since then, Peyton began having seizures and now has the diagnosis of focal epilepsy as well.

Despite everything she has gone through, she is the sweetest, happiest girl!

Despite everything she has gone through, she is the sweetest, happiest girl! In June of 2022 she underwent a surgery called selective dorsal rhizotomy at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This surgery was intended to relieve some of her symptoms of cerebral palsy and hopefully help her stay mobile and gain more skills. Peyton spent 30 days in the rehab facility at the hospital, working through intensive physical therapy. Even though this surgery requires a lot out of Peyton for the first year post-op, she has stayed so joyful and determined! Her hard work of relearning how to walk again paid off when she took her first independent steps again a week before Halloween. She attends intensive physical therapy 5 days a week and is making great strides towards a full recovery! She is truly my hero,” – Peyton’s mom, Crystal.

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  • Peyton_2023_family_0004

  • Peyton_2023_family_0002

Photography by Carrie Birchfield


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  •  18 Years Old

  • Cerebral Palsy, Brain Damage, Epilepsy

Brianna “Breezy” was born on June 4, 2004.  During birth, Breezy experienced complications causing brain damage and she received a later diagnosis of cerebral palsy and epilepsy.  Breezy continues to defy odds; the doctors did not expect Breezy to live to see her first Christmas and now she is 17 years old!  Breezy has a love for music and being outdoors. She comes from a musically talented family and attends a church that has many different types of instruments.  Breezy enjoys attention and interaction with people from reading a book to simply holding hands. 

“Breezy lights up a room with her beautiful blue eyes and contagious smile.”

Breezy is nonverbal and wheelchair dependent.  Breezy has faced so many challenges throughout her 17 years of life and proves what love, prayer, and faith can do.  Breezy lights up a room with her beautiful blue eyes and contagious smile.  She continues to amaze and capture the hearts of her family, friends, church family, and community.  

Breezy is fully dependent on her family to take care of her everyday needs and an accessible bathroom and bedroom renovation will make life easier for the whole family.

  • brianna_2022_family_00001

  • brianna_2022_family_00002

  • brianna_2022_family_00003

  • brianna_2022_family_00004

  • brianna_2022_family_00005

Photography by Niki Murphy Photography


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  • 9 Years Old

  • Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder

As a fan of SpongeBob, sea creatures, aquatic life, Shark Week, and his multiple pets, Carson is like most nine-year-old boys. His favorite things to do are swinging, jumping, and climbing. Carson also likes small places, like a tent or under the bed, to hide if he’s having a bad day. Like all mothers and as a single mother of two, Carson’s mother is concerned with balancing activity and safety.  Having been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, SPD at age three, and recently diagnosed with Autism, Carson is a sensory seeker who likes to move all of the time. He has received occupational therapy for SPD and worked on fine motor skills. They also worked with the vestibular system for some motor functions of the head and posture, and the proprioceptive senses to help combine sensory information from the inner ear to receptors in the muscles and the joint-supporting ligaments for stance.

Having been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, SPD at age three, and recently diagnosed with Autism, Carson is a sensory seeker who likes to move all of the time.

As Carson gets older, it will be even more important to have a safe space of his own, including appropriate sensory stimulation.  A custom sensory room from Sunshine on a Ranney Day will give Carson what he needs to be and grow happier and healthier. Together with his family, he will better enjoy their three cats, bearded dragon, and beta fish and will have spent some energy so he can sit down and watch Shark Week like other kids his age.

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  • carson_2021_family_00006

  • carson_2021_family_00007

Photography by Pear Tree Photography


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