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What We Do

We gather the best architects, interior designers, and builders to tailor rooms that are personalized to each child with special needs. Creating accessible bathrooms, dream bedrooms, and therapy rooms are our speciality. The entire process, furniture and building materials are provided free to the families through our donors and sponsors. Dreams really are built here.

Featured Room Makeovers

Here are some of our favorite room makeovers that have given children with special needs independence and the ability to dream.

Featured Bedroom 05
Featured Bathroom 05
Featured Therapy Room 04
Featured Therapy Room 03
Featured Bedroom 01
Featured Bedroom 03
Featured Bedroom 04
Featured Bathroom 04
Featured Bathroom 06
Featured Therapy Room 02
Featured Bedroom 08
Featured Therapy Room 08
Featured Therapy Room 06
Featured Bathroom 03
Featured Bathroom 07
Featured Bedroom 06
Featured Bathroom 02
Featured Bathroom 01
Featured Bathroom 08
Featured Therapy Room 01
Featured Therapy Room 07
Featured Bedroom 07
Featured Therapy Room 05
Featured Bedroom 02

Community Projects

Once a year, we collaborate with other non-profit organizations on a larger scale makeover to impact even more children.

  • Exterior


  • Infant Room

    Infant Room

  • Youth Classrooms

    Youth Classrooms

  • Youth Classrooms

    Youth Classrooms

  • Kitchen & Buffet Area

    Kitchen & Buffet Area

  • Flex Space

    Flex Space

  • Teen Tutoring Room

    Teen Tutoring Room

  • Teen Hangout Room

    Teen Hangout Room

  • Story Time Space

    Story Time Space

    In 2022, we were honored to partner with The Drake House by renovating their main headquarters.  This makeover included redesigning and renovating multiple rooms that serve as classrooms for kids studying, learning life skills, arts and crafts, and safe spaces for them to lounge.  The rooms also serve to help moms with relationship building, parenting, health and wellness, and money management.  

    “These large scale community projects have helped thousands of families in their most stressful time.”

    Kids Impacted Yearly from Special Projects





    Before & Afters

    See how we transform a room into a personalized space.