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About Us

Sunshine on a Ranney Day is a nonprofit organization that reimagines and builds custom rooms for children with special needs. Through partnerships and donors, we provide wheelchair accessible bathrooms, dream bedrooms and in-home therapy rooms at no cost to the families.

Founder’s Story

In 2012, inspired by a church sermon, Peter and Holly Ranney found their calling to use their God-given talents and resources to help others. Sunshine on a Ranney Day was created with the idea that every child should have their own unique space. Sunshine on a Ranney Day’s first makeover was completed for 11-year-old Mathew, who wanted to spend his last days in his military-themed bunker bedroom. Mathew’s makeover and passing showed how impactful a makeover could be on a child’s life. This experience helped shape Sunshine on a Ranney Day into what it is today.

Continuing to use their networks and resources, in 2020 the Sunny & Ranney Home Furnishings & Decor store opened in Roswell, GA. Sunny & Ranney sells designer home goods and furniture to support home makeovers that transform the lives of kids with special needs. Each time a customer buys an item, the profit goes directly to our charity, Sunshine on a Ranney Day, which renovates homes for children who need wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, dream bedrooms, and therapy rooms to improve their independence and development. With over 17,000 kids already impacted by generous donations over the years, the store continues to bring sunshine every day to children, families, and communities.

Gracie the Pig

Meet Gracie The Pig, the official mascot for Sunshine on a Ranney Day.

Gracie The Pig was inspired by Peter’s unconventional wedding present to Holly. That gift was a baby pot-bellied pig named Gracie. Gracie has grown up since then and has evolved into a high-flying, golden pot-bellied pig who loves making dreams come true for children who face daily struggles. With her magical cape, she soars high above the clouds searching below for a family who could use a little extra ray of hope in their child’s life. With her trusty handsaw by her side, Gracie and her team of Sunshiners build wheelchair accessible bathrooms, dream bedrooms and in-home therapy rooms. She knows anything is possible with a little bit of Sunshine!  

Our Team

Holly Ranney


Peter Ranney

Co-Founder/Program Director


Joe Lane

Executive Director

English Pruitt

Project Manager

Nicole Murray

Project Manager

Clareece Cunningham

Makeover Coordinator

Kortney Clonts

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Sarah Custer

Sunny & Ranney Store Manager

Staci Kohler

Sunny & Ranney Sales Associate

Tom Duncan

Sunny & Ranney Warehouse Lead

Greg Ranney

Sunny & Ranney Store Greeter

Board of Directors


Paul Nielsen

Trident Construction Group

VP Operations – Board Chair

Alex Paulson

Randall-Paulson Architects

Traci Messier

Jackson Spalding
Public Relations Executive

Jennifer Crosby

Crosby Design Group
President & CEO

Dr. Stephen Timme

Finlistics Solutions

Dana Gurela

Deep Roots Wine Market

Thomas Wilson

Brady Ware & Company
Manager & CPA

Carlos Ramirez

Baker Paint, President

Travis Couick

STAG Construction

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