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  • 17 Years Old

  • Diastrophic Dysplasia & Scoliosis

Marie was paralyzed at 8 months old and then adopted by mom Michele at age one. She’s had a life of ups and downs; like most people. Her disability caused scoliosis which meant over 20 surgeries for back rods, lots of days of school missed and then she developed a seizure disorder at age 10. Her seizures are not predictable, so she cannot spend much time alone as she needs an adult to be there in case she has a seizure. 

Marie is a fabulous athlete. She plays basketball for Blaze sports all girls/women team and wheelchair tennis. She is very kind and helpful to others; always willing to teach her classmates math or lend a hand around the house. She is currently studying children’s healthcare in college. 

The home her mom has purchased will be where Marie learns to live independently. This venture will tremendously help her gain the necessary independence that all young adults long for; without the remodel, Marie cannot reach the next milestone in her life: learning how to live in her own home with just a little help and eventually be totally independent.

“Marie & Alondra will be neighbors; living in the same duplex and equally working towards more independent living.”

In her current living situation, Alondra has to be carried through the home by her parents because the hallways aren’t wide enough for her wheelchair. This keeps her from being independent, but with an accessible space she can do most things on her own.

For seven years, Alondra has lived in a home inaccessible to her needs. She has had many back surgeries and is in physical therapy to learn how to manage life in a power wheelchair. She plans on living with her parents for many years to come, so a home that is accessible to her will be life-changing. Alondra is applying to a technical school to be a medical assistant. Her favorite color is burgundy, and she loves lively Spanish music.

Photography by Marcelino Aguilar