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  • 16 Years Old

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

Kendall’s parents are high school sweethearts and had three daughters and one son. Camryn, Kendall, Chase and Kaiden all have such beautifully unique personalities and roles within the family. The matriarch of my family is Kendall’s grandmother. She is affectionately known as Grandma to all. Although she is a feisty and fiery golden ager, she is the peacemaker of the family. Together they are Team Thomas. They are a team not because of their quantity, but because their togetherness is their happy place. They are Team Thomas, party of seven, and nothing can break them.

Kendall has a giving spirit and is loveable. She’s a hard worker and very passionate about football. She has always danced to her own beat and always thought outside of the box. Hence, the only female on the North Paulding High School freshman football team. She also played football in fifth grade. Kendall was very active. She refereed soccer, briefly played Lacrosse, loved babysitting, walked dogs, danced at church, and loved volunteering. Her favorite color is pink. Her favorite artists are Beyonce followed by Fantasia, Alicia Keys, and Chris Brown. 

“Kendall has always danced to her own beat and thought outside of the box.”

Their story and Kendall’s life suddenly changed on January 11, 2022, when the actions of one person had a piercing and life-altering effect on Team Thomas.. It was the unimaginable tragedy and near fatality of Kendall, who would later become the epitome of the power of prayer. It was that Tuesday, January 11, 2022, when Kendall was tragically struck by a vehicle at school landing on the left side of her head in front of her 11-year-old brother Chase and several others. Kendall was unconscious for almost three months. She sustained a traumatic brain injury and was fighting for her life. Due to the severity of her injuries, she has had to relearn how to do everything, from talking to walking. She has had four brain surgeries and three other procedures to accommodate her breathing and feeding. Although Kendall has made remarkable and miraculous improvements, she still has a long way to go. Nothing much has changed in regard to her infectious spirit, big personality, and love for Beyonce. Her favorite things to do now are singing and going to church.

Photography by Catelyn Fraser