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  • 4 Years Old

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

This precious little peach is Priscilla. We are thrilled to announce that Sunshine on a Ranney Day is going to give her a dream room makeover as bright and beautiful as she is!

Priscilla may be little, but she has big plans with a bright future ahead of her. She has an extensive medical history which includes traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, hearing loss, congenital hydrocephalus and cortical visual impairment. She is non-ambulatory, nonverbal and is fed through a g-tube. She is currently receiving occupational, physical and speech-language therapies, is learning sign language and has begun to crawl. She loves to explore her environment with her hands and learns about objects through stereognosis, which is the ability to perceive and recognize objects in the absence of visual and auditory information by using tactile information to provide cues from the texture, size, spatial properties and temperature of it. Through the process of stereognosis, she manipulates and mouths toys to learn all about them and receive sensory input that helps her grow.

Her only wish is to spend more time with her friends and Sunshine on a Ranney Day is going to grant it!

Priscilla lives with her foster family, where she is deeply loved and flourishing. The home is not equipped to meet her needs as she develops and requires extensive care. Sunshine on A Ranney Day is designing a specialized therapeutic bedroom equipped with a calming sensory swing, soft therapeutic toys, contrasting bold colors and a variety of specifically designed lights which is intended to stimulate her senses and improve learning through her environment. We will also provide her with a fully accessible bathroom and a handicap ramp that will make transportation with a wheelchair easier.
This room tailored specifically for Priscilla and is constructed with learning and achieving developmental milestones in mind. It will be an oasis fit for a princess, where she can feel safe, loved and thrive. We hope to bring Priscilla a whole lot of sunshine and smiles that will brighten her days and help her unlock her ultimate potential.
Please join us as we present the completed design!

Photography by Niki Murphy Photography