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  • 17 Years Old
  • Cerebral Palsy

When you meet Nygil, you will believe in miracles! This 17 year old with amazing fashion sense and remarkable resilience is going to get a dream makeover where Sunshine on a Ranney Day will expand his bedroom and bathroom to become wheelchair accessible and give him room for hope. Nygil is a devout sports fan and loves the Atlanta Falcons!

Nygil’s birth was truly miraculous. In the womb, Nygil was a triplet. At nineteen weeks gestation, his mother suffered a significant hemorrhage which lead to the loss of his two siblings. Nygil was an unwavering warrior and survived this trauma and was able to remain in the womb until he was delivered at 25 weeks gestation. He weighed only one pound, twelve ounces and doctors told his parents that he would not survive through the night. The family poured lots of love into treasuring him and holding him tight as they were instructed to say their final goodbyes. Nygil had no intention of going anywhere and his determination was a true blessing. He battled the odds in the NICU for four months before he was able to go home. This bundle of strength was sent home with an oxygen tank and monitors to ensure his heart kept beating and he kept breathing. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, lung disease, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, quadriplegia, strabismus, asthma and retina detachment. The doctors told his parents that they should give him lots of love and not expect much. Those harsh words cut deep with pain and astonishment. They showered him with undying love and watched him flourish despite what the doctors predicted. Nygil continues to prove that his will to live and shine his light on this world is far stronger than the challenges of any disability. He is developmentally delayed, has endured three shunt revisions, had recurrent pneumonia and been resuscitated. Through it all, he continues to fight like a triumphant warrior. Every single day is a victory.

He weighed only one pound, twelve ounces and doctors told his parents that he would not survive through the night.

Although his parents were told he wouldn’t survive through the night, Nygil has lived seventeen joyous years and is nearing adulthood. As he grows, so does his need for in home care and independence. Granting Nygil a bedroom and bathroom makeover will allow him to maneuver throughout his room in his wheelchair and walker efficiently, leading to greater independence and an opportunity to continue to thrive at home.
We are overjoyed to be able to provide this makeover for Nygil. His new room is sure to be as fashionable as he is and will incorporate all the things that he loves. We hope to see him beaming with joy as we spread a little sunshine his way. Please join us at the big reveal!

Photography by Niki Murphy Photography