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  • 19 Years Old

  • Cerebral Palsy & Dystonia

Jason recently completed his freshman year at University of West Georgia! He was born a preemie weighing 2lb 9oz, spent 86 days in the NICU and by age one he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Dystonia. Today, Jason is wheelchair bound and uses a power wheelchair like a boss! He is completely dependent on someone to assist him with everyday life. Since he is not able to use his arms, he must be fed, but can clearly tell you that the food is too hot, salty or disgusting. So from the neck up Jason is a “typical” 17-year-old!

“…from the neck up Jason is a ‘typical’ 17-year-old!”

For Jason to take a shower, his family needs to undress him in his room and carry him through most of the house to reach the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, he uses a tub chair to shower. However, when Jason goes to camp and respite, he has a lot more independence and ability to do normal things like showering and using the restroom because of the accessibility of the bathrooms there. Because of this, he loves when he goes to camp – so we can’t wait to help him have the same feeling about his own space in his house! 

Aside from going to camp, Jason loves going to the movies with friends and family to watch Marvel movies – of which he is an avid fan! He also loves anything Anime and frequently reads Fan Fiction Anime. His favorite places to visit are New Orleans and DC, but he has dreams of going to New York City! At home, Jason’s younger sister, Junia, frequently keeps him entertained with all kinds of shenanigans.

Photography by Niki Murphy Photography