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  • Founded in 2006

The Drake House provides housing and education programs for single mothers and their children who are experiencing homelessness in North Metro Atlanta.  It is a community where every family has the opportunity to recover quickly and with dignity from their homeless situation.  

Each year Sunshine on a Ranney Day completes a special community project that helps a large number of children & families.  Sunshine on a Ranney Day is excited to announce that we will be helping The Drake House by renovating their main headquarters.  This makeover includes redesigning and renovating multiple rooms that serve as classrooms for kids studying, learning life skills, arts and crafts, and safe spaces for them to lounge.  The rooms also serve to help moms with relationship building, parenting, health and wellness, and money management.  

“Over 40% of Atlanta’s homeless population are women and children.”

The goal of the makeover is to create flexible use spaces that allow the children to feel at home in a learning/activity environment.  The spaces also help keep the community of kids engaged with each other, creating an extended ‘family’ feel.  The central community space in the basement is the food serving spaces. These spaces are currently extremely cramped and do not have a natural flow, inhibiting the ability to smoothly and efficiently cater to each family that is participating in the buffet line.  We will be creating this natural flow through relocation of structural walls and the addition of a large island space.  There is not currently a dedicated space for older children to teens to be able to gather for free time and engage with The Drake House volunteers for tutoring.  We will be converting the upstairs executive offices into that space, providing a leisure space as well as a learning/meeting space.