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  • Founded in 1985

TCS is a school that provides an educational environment for students in grades 4-12 with a wide variety of special needs. In addition to struggling academically, socially, and emotionally many of our students come to us broken in spirit. Our program works on building our students’ self-confidence, self-determination and helping each one of them find their voices. The Cottage School prepares individuals for fulfillment of their true and tremendous potential as confident, productive, and independent adults. The number of families that have shared with us how this program has literally saved their child’s life is innumerable. It is not just a school; it is a community; it is a soft-landing spot and launching pad for our student’s futures; it is a family. As one of our middle school students recently stated…”It is our differences that make us a community…but our similarities that make us a family.”

Cottage School (TCS) is delighted to be partnering with Sunshine on a Ranney Day for the upcoming makeover of our main office lobby area. Two Atlanta area non-profits working together to help support children with special needs…we couldn’t think of a better match! We are especially excited that this new relationship is one that we anticipate will go well beyond this project. Helping those in need in our community for years to come as we refer families respectively between our programs for their specific needs makes this an exceptional collaboration.

“It is our differences that make us a community…but our similarities that make us a family.”

This project is so much more than a “face-lift” for us. The design area is the first stop for our prospective students with their families as they search for that soft-landing spot after struggling in prior environments.This initial meeting can be rather emotional as background information and struggles are discussed. We have dreamt of meeting with these families in a warm, comfortable setting where they immediately feel at home. The work that Sunshine on a Ranney Day is providing us with that and so much more.

In addition to prospective families, all visitors (including community partners, donors, prospective sponsors, fellow educators, begin their visit to The Cottage School in the main lobby area. It is the focal point for our entire campus that also sees an average of 150 students and 40 staff members a day traveling through this space.