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  • 15 Years Old

  • Autism

Cyrus was born 15 weeks early and weighed 1 pound 10 ounces.  He spent his first year at Scottish Rite in the NICU with respiratory and gastrointestinal issues, retinopathy of prematurity, and a number of other complications and surgeries.  For the first eight months of Cyrus’ life, he was classified as failure to thrive but Cyrus had other plans.  When Cyrus was released from the hospital he came home with a trach and was on a ventilator 24/7, feeding tube, and diagnosed with cerebral palsy and severe developmental delay.

Cyrus has grown and thrived throughout his almost 7 years of life.  Cyrus is considered medically fragile, legally blind, and continues to battle retinopathy of prematurity.  He can walk independently using adaptive equipment.  He has completed kindergarten and works so hard undergoing multiple therapies; physical, occupational, vision, and speech. 

Cyrus does not place limitations on himself.  Cyrus was not supposed to live but he continues to defy expectations.  Cyrus is non-verbal but that does not stop him from expressing himself.  He is active and strong and is an expert countertop and furniture climber. 

Photography by Pear Tree Photography