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  • 15 Years Old

  • Angelman Syndrome, Burn Victim

This jubilant teenager, Callie, smiles despite her pain and laughs through her tremendous triumphs. The journey through childhood has been a challenge that she has never stopped braving. Callie was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome as a toddler and suffers significant developmental delays. At the age of twelve, she suffered a tragic accident during her evening bath at home. She was rushed by ambulance to the hospital where she spent six months with severe second and third degree burns covering more than 60% of her body. To complicate matters further, during the first 24 hours in the ICU, doctors discovered a previously unknown blood clot in her right leg which had become aggravated during treatment and her leg had to be amputated above the knee. Callie endured over 21 surgeries with extensive skin grafts for her burns and suffered cardiac arrest due to trauma and complications.

Her only wish is to spend more time with her friends and Sunshine on a Ranney Day is going to grant it!

Callie, who is still in the hospital recovering, is fully dependent on her family and caregiver to meet all of her needs including transferring, showering, hygiene and bathing. She receives intensive physical, occupational and speech therapies and participates in the county’s exceptional education program via the hospital/homebound services division. The acquisition of each skill has been a true feat for Callie. Through tough determination and the support of her therapists and family, she continues to overcome obstacles and celebrate milestones. A room and bathroom that is adapted to meet Callie’s unique needs has become even more essential since her accident and subsequent surgeries. Sunshine on a Ranney Day is excited to have the opportunity to provide Callie and her family with extensive renovations to her home that will make her days a whole lot easier. Plans are in the works for an enlarged bathroom with a walk-in shower, Hoyer Lift to assist with transfers and a designer bedroom with a sensory station and storage for her medical supplies. We can wait to see her enjoy her new platform swing with radiant smiles and echoing laughter!

Photography by Angie Browning Photography