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  • 4 Years Old

  • Gaucher Disease Type 2

Hudson is the youngest of 3 children, following his sister Olivia (8) and brother Gavin (10). He was born a happy healthy baby. Around 4 months of age, Hudson’s parents started noticing some differences in him, such as weight loss, difficulty nursing, and choking. After a few significant episodes Hudson was hospitalized around 6 months of age for further investigation. After a 16 day stay in the hospital and lots of testing Hudson was sent home with no answers and told to follow up with genetics. At the young age of 9 months old, on July 2nd, 2018, Hudson’s mom Nichole received the phone call that would forever alter the life their family had once dreamed of. Hudson was diagnosed with a rare, incurable, terminal, genetic disease, Gauchers Disease 2. They were told to put Hudson on hospice, that he would have no quality of life, never walk, talk, or live past the age of 2. Nichole’s response to them….. “but God”.

You’ve never had a hug ‘till you’ve had a Huddy hug!”

Hudson is now an amazing 5 year old who is living his BEST life! His family has and will continue to go to the ends of the earth for Hudson and his siblings. For the past 4 years they have made the drive to D.C. every 3 to 6 months for Hudson’s geneticist who is the only one in the US willing to give him a chance at life! In fact, Hudson is now being followed by geneticists all over the world as he is re-writing the books and making a way for all the children to come. 

Hudson is a very social kid, who thinks his siblings have hung the moon. He loves sports (football, basketball, and baseball), movies (Toy Story is his favorite), and has a smile that lights up his family’s world! He’s also known to give the BEST hugs. You’ve never had a hug ‘till you’ve had a Huddy hug! 

Unfortunately, Hudson is very susceptible to viruses that have kept him in the hospital ICU for more than half of his life. Because of this, they have had to keep Hudson confined within the walls of their home, limiting his exposure to the outside world. Sunshine on a Ranney Day is honored to bring light and joy into the walls that surround Hudson to help him continue living his BEST life!

  • Hudson_2023_family_00005

  • Hudson_2023_family_00004

  • Hudson_2023_family_00002

  • Hudson_2023_family_00009

  • Hudson_2023_family_00012

  • Hudson_2023_family_00008

Photography by Vicki Alsup Photography


  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00027

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00028

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00011

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00060

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00010

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00076

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00001

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00058

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00004

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00009

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00008

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00015

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00061

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00022

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00063

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00016

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00019

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00033

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00046

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00050

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00040

  • Hudson_2023_reveal_00041

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Ciaran & Geordan

  • 19 & 16 Years Old

  • Lebers Congenital Amaurosos, Severely Autistic, Immune System Disorder, Tic Disorder

Ciaran and Geordan were both born with major disabilities. 19 year old Ciaran is totally blind and significantly autistic. On top of that, he has a tic disorder (tourette syndrome) and an immune system disorder. He has no sense of safety and will wake up throughout the night and bang on walls, doors, windows, and even his bed – waking up his brother. 

Geordan is 16 and was also born blind. He was also diagnosed with pretty severe non-verbal autism. Geordan also has no concept of safety, making the level of care required for the two boys quite extensive. With their mom’s recent cancer diagnosis, both parents work tirelessly to care for the boys and give them the fullest life they can.

They are both passionate about music and have an acute sense of hearing for pitch and tone due to their blindness.

Ciaran and Geordan are highly anxious and noise sensitive, so therapy items like swings, trampolines and instruments are very calming to them. They are both passionate about music and have an acute sense of hearing for pitch and tone due to their blindness. Both boys are unique and talented in their own ways, something that is so evident in their passions and skills! The space that Sunshine on a Ranney Day is providing for them will be life-changing in regards to their independence and individual needs.

  • ciaran&geordan_2023_family_00010

  • ciaran&geordan_2023_family_00008

  • ciaran&geordan_2023_family_00003

  • ciaran&geordan_2023_family_00002

  • ciaran&geordan_2023_family_00004

  • ciaran&geordan_2023_family_00009

  • ciaran&geordan_2023_family_00007

  • ciaran&geordan_2023_family_00005

Photography by Niki Murphy Photography


  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00010

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00012

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  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00011

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00014

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00015

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00016

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00009

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00006

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00004

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00017

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00007

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00005

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00018

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00008

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00003

  • Ciaran&Geordan_2023_reveal_00019

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  • 6 Years Old

  • Nemaline Myopathy

Levi is a brilliant, sweet and chatty 7 year old boy who loves Ironman, Spiderman and Sonic the Hedgehog. He is affected by Nemaline Myopathy, a rare form of muscular dystrophy. Because NM affects his muscles, he is unable to walk and instead zips around in a power chair. Levi is unable to breathe adequately on his own, so he has a trach and ventilator to help him.

“…having a space that is adapted to assist him rather than being another obstacle, will be life changing!”

He has had multiple surgeries and hospital stays in his short life in an attempt to keep him healthy and maximize his quality of life. In moments like these, he loves being around his brother Ari for playtime. He still strives for independence and having a space that is adapted to assist him rather than being another obstacle, will be life changing! 

  • Levi_2023_family_00001

  • Levi_2023_family_00002

  • Levi_2023_family_00003

  • Levi_2023_family_00005

  • Levi_2023_family_00004

  • Levi_2023_family_00006

  • Levi_2023_family_00008

Photography by Birchfield Photography


  • Levi_2023_reveal_00004

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00015

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00003

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00027

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00024

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00002

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00016

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00006

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00026

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00025

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00023

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00022

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00021

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00012

  • Levi_2023_reveal_00009

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  • 5 Years Old

  • Down Syndrome, Congenital Heart Defect

Ellie is a sweet and funny five-year-old with an infectious smile. Ellie was born with Down Syndrome and a heart defect. She had her first open heart surgery at four-months-old and due to medical complications, spent almost five months in the hospital. During our time at CHOA Egleston, we stayed in the newly renovated parent sleep wing provided by Sunshine on a Ranney Day. We spent some of Ellie’s sickest nights there. The rooms were charming and cheerful and allowed us to truly rest and be ready to take care of Ellie in the mornings.

By the time she was two-and-a-half years old, Ellie endured five open-heart surgeries. She has a mechanical heart valve which has significantly improved her heart function. As she gets older, she will outgrow her valve and need additional open-heart surgeries. She has spent nearly 250 days in the hospital and is the bravest girl we know.

Ellie attends many therapies to help her achieve independence and gain strength. Even though it often takes her longer to acquire skills others take for granted, she works hard and never gives up. She is learning how to stand and walk and is getting very close to achieving these milestones.

“Even though it often takes her longer to acquire skills others take for granted, she works hard and never gives up.”

Ellie enjoys spending time with her family. She loves listening to music, especially Baby Shark, and gives the tightest, biggest hugs. Ellie’s favorite person in the world is her 8-year-old sister, Evelyn. Evelyn is Ellie’s biggest cheerleader. Evelyn loves to set up learning stations for Ellie, reads books to her, and encourages her to walk. They enjoy having sleepovers and playing together.

We are so excited for Ellie to get a home makeover therapy room! Having access to this
equipment in our home will help Ellie practice and get stronger so that she can become more independent. We believe Ellie has great potential to achieve her dreams and this is just the beginning for her. Thank you, Sunshine on a Ranney Day for making this possible.

  • ellie_2022_family_00002

  • ellie_2022_family_00006

  • ellie_2022_family_00005

  • ellie_2022_family_00004

  • ellie_2022_family_00003

  • ellie_2022_family_00001

Photography by Marcelino Aguilar Photography


  • ellie_2022_reveal_00002

  • ellie_2022_reveal_00003

  • ellie_2022_reveal_00004

  • ellie_2022_reveal_00005

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  • 9 Years Old

  • Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder

As a fan of SpongeBob, sea creatures, aquatic life, Shark Week, and his multiple pets, Carson is like most nine-year-old boys. His favorite things to do are swinging, jumping, and climbing. Carson also likes small places, like a tent or under the bed, to hide if he’s having a bad day. Like all mothers and as a single mother of two, Carson’s mother is concerned with balancing activity and safety.  Having been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, SPD at age three, and recently diagnosed with Autism, Carson is a sensory seeker who likes to move all of the time. He has received occupational therapy for SPD and worked on fine motor skills. They also worked with the vestibular system for some motor functions of the head and posture, and the proprioceptive senses to help combine sensory information from the inner ear to receptors in the muscles and the joint-supporting ligaments for stance.

Having been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, SPD at age three, and recently diagnosed with Autism, Carson is a sensory seeker who likes to move all of the time.

As Carson gets older, it will be even more important to have a safe space of his own, including appropriate sensory stimulation.  A custom sensory room from Sunshine on a Ranney Day will give Carson what he needs to be and grow happier and healthier. Together with his family, he will better enjoy their three cats, bearded dragon, and beta fish and will have spent some energy so he can sit down and watch Shark Week like other kids his age.

  • carson_2021_family_00008

  • carson_2021_family_00009

  • carson_2021_family_00001

  • carson_2021_family_00002

  • carson_2021_family_00003

  • carson_2021_family_00004

  • carson_2021_family_00005

  • carson_2021_family_00006

  • carson_2021_family_00007

Photography by Pear Tree Photography


  • carson_2021_reveal_00015

  • carson_2021_reveal_00002

  • carson_2021_reveal_00003

  • carson_2021_reveal_00004

  • carson_2021_reveal_00005

  • carson_2021_reveal_00011

  • carson_2021_reveal_00006

  • carson_2021_reveal_00013

  • carson_2021_reveal_00007

  • carson_2021_reveal_00008

  • carson_2021_reveal_00009

  • carson_2021_reveal_00010

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  • carson_2021_reveal_00014

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  • 4 Years Old

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

This precious little peach is Priscilla. We are thrilled to announce that Sunshine on a Ranney Day is going to give her a dream room makeover as bright and beautiful as she is!

Priscilla may be little, but she has big plans with a bright future ahead of her. She has an extensive medical history which includes traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, hearing loss, congenital hydrocephalus and cortical visual impairment. She is non-ambulatory, nonverbal and is fed through a g-tube. She is currently receiving occupational, physical and speech-language therapies, is learning sign language and has begun to crawl. She loves to explore her environment with her hands and learns about objects through stereognosis, which is the ability to perceive and recognize objects in the absence of visual and auditory information by using tactile information to provide cues from the texture, size, spatial properties and temperature of it. Through the process of stereognosis, she manipulates and mouths toys to learn all about them and receive sensory input that helps her grow.

Her only wish is to spend more time with her friends and Sunshine on a Ranney Day is going to grant it!

Priscilla lives with her foster family, where she is deeply loved and flourishing. The home is not equipped to meet her needs as she develops and requires extensive care. Sunshine on A Ranney Day is designing a specialized therapeutic bedroom equipped with a calming sensory swing, soft therapeutic toys, contrasting bold colors and a variety of specifically designed lights which is intended to stimulate her senses and improve learning through her environment. We will also provide her with a fully accessible bathroom and a handicap ramp that will make transportation with a wheelchair easier.
This room tailored specifically for Priscilla and is constructed with learning and achieving developmental milestones in mind. It will be an oasis fit for a princess, where she can feel safe, loved and thrive. We hope to bring Priscilla a whole lot of sunshine and smiles that will brighten her days and help her unlock her ultimate potential.
Please join us as we present the completed design!

  • priscilla_2020_family_00001

  • priscilla_2020_family_00002

Photography by Niki Murphy Photography


  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00017

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00001

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00002

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00004

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00005

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00006

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00007

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00008

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00009

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00010

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00011

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00012

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00013

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00014

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00015

  • priscilla_2020_reveal_00016

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  • 6 Years Old

  • Angelman Syndrome

It is ironic that “happy” is a symptom of Angelman Syndrome, a rare neurogenetic disorder that causes global developmental delays, lack of speech, and seizures. Stetson, age six, was extremely happy and a “good” baby. Born at 8lbs. 6 oz. and acting so full of life, it was surprising at ten months to notice developmental delays. At 12 months, Stetson began PT and OT once a week at home. Stetson was so social, engaging, and happy, and his parents were told he would probably ‘catch up’ quickly. At 16 months, Stetson had his first of many seizures and was given a seizure disorder diagnosis. Over the next six weeks, Stetson had multiple seizures, as the family awaited genetic testing, which confirmed his Angelman Syndrome diagnosis.

It is ironic that “happy” is a symptom of Angelman Syndrome, a rare neurogenetic disorder that causes global developmental delays, lack of speech, and seizures.

Stetson’s mom stopped working outside the home to care for him. They have spent the last four years traveling to specialists all over the east coast and even participating in brain studies to help learn more about this rare disease. Stetson participates in speech therapy twice a week, hippo-therapy, and swim lessons as well as going to kindergarten, where he also receives additional PT, OT, and speech therapy.
Children with AS tend to be very sensory seeking and have an oral fixation, but overall, they are happy kids. Stetson loves to wander, climb, and play with whatever he can get his hands on. He can be very impulsive and is not always safe while exploring. He has to be watched non-stop, even in his own home, to make sure he is safe. With the increasing demands of a new baby brother, a sensory/therapy room will allow Stetson to explore and play safely while attention is shared between two children. It will also provide him with the opportunity to improve his motor skills at home while playing and offer some of the independence six-year-old boys crave, things that are important for his development. Stetson’s parents will have peace of mind knowing he is both safe and getting the proper stimulation.
The past five years have been replete with travel, testing, and treatment. With an in-home sensory/therapy room, Stetson’s whole family will benefit from more routine day-to-day life at home.

  • stetson_2020_family_00001

  • stetson_2020_family_00002

  • stetson_2020_family_00003

  • stetson_2020_family_00004

  • stetson_2020_family_00005

  • stetson_2020_family_00006

  • stetson_2020_family_00007

Photography by Pear Tree Photography


  • stetson_2020_reveal_00002

  • stetson_2020_reveal_00003

  • stetson_2020_reveal_00004

  • stetson_2020_reveal_00005

  • stetson_2020_reveal_00006

  • stetson_2020_reveal_00007

  • stetson_2020_reveal_00008

  • stetson_2020_reveal_00009

  • stetson_2020_reveal_00010

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  • 9 Years Old

  • Cerebral Palsy

This adorable eight year-old boy is going to be getting an incredible dream makeover! His name is Samuel. He is an inspiration to many and transforms the hearts of all who encounter him. He has an amazing way with people and every time they see his bright smile and bold determination, they forget about their own worlds of troubles and challenges and are instantly illuminated with delight.

Samuel and his twin brother Wesley were both born prematurely at 25 weeks on January 25, 2011. Both boys weighed just over one pound. The fact that they both survived is a miracle. They stayed in the Kennestone Hospital NICU for three months. Though very sick, Wesley made it through the ordeal with no lasting physical challenges. Samuel, however, suffered from a Grade IV intraventricular hemorrhage at five days old. This led quickly to hydrocephalus, the placement of a shunt, and the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Right before his 4th birthday, Samuel aspirated on some food during his first seizure. He was life-flighted to Scottish Rite (CHOA) Hospital. He recovered, but after several more seizures immediately following this episode, epilepsy was added to his list of diagnoses. In August 2016, Samuel underwent his first shunt revision and in April 2017, he suffered from a subdural hematoma, which led to an additional surgery and a shunt placed in the left side of his head to drain the excess fluid.

Due to his challenges with cerebral palsy and balance deficits, Samuel is unable walk independently. He uses a Kaye Reverse walker, a gait belt, or a Lofstrand crutch for mobility.

Due to his challenges with cerebral palsy and balance deficits, Samuel is unable walk independently. He uses a Kaye Reverse walker, a gait belt, or a Lofstrand crutch for mobility. He also wears AFO’s on both feet and has significant weakness in his right hand. Samuel has put in hundreds of hours working through physical therapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic horseback riding, and a one-on-one gymnastics class for conditioning and strengthening. Every little success is a milestone for him and he has made huge stride over the past several years. After enormous amounts of hard work and dedication, Samuel can stand for minutes at a time, walk across the therapy gym without falling and catch a volleyball. These feats drive him to work harder and keep sight of his goals and dreams.

In spite of his physical challenges, Samuel is like any other 8 year-old boy with a hearty sense of humor, zest for mischief, a wealth of good jokes, an obsession with motorcycles and a never-ending supply of giggles when his dog bathes his ears with kisses. His ultimate goal is to ride a motorcycle one day and he is surely going to accomplish that goal.

The relationship between Samuel and his brother Wesley is a beautiful and unique one. Wesley lovingly stands by him in every endeavor and cheers him on. Samuel yearns to be as independent as his brother and therefore eagerly works toward mastering new skills. They celebrate every victory together and no triumph is small.

Sunshine on a Ranney Day will be celebrating all of Samuel’s conquests through the provision of a stunning new therapy room! We look forward to watching him light up the room as his radiant smiles and contagious giggles fill the renovated space! We hope that you will join us at the big reveal!

  • samuel_2020_family_00001

  • samuel_2020_family_00002

  • samuel_2020_family_00003

  • samuel_2020_family_00004

  • samuel_2020_family_00005

  • samuel_2020_family_00006

Photography by Niki Murphy Photography


  • samuel_2020_reveal_00015

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00002

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00001

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00003

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00004

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00005

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00006

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00007

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00008

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00010

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00011

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00012

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00013

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00014

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00016

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00017

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00018

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00019

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00020

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00021

  • samuel_2020_reveal_00022

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  • 17 Years Old
  • Tranverse Myelitis

This gorgeous young lady with an inspirational smile is Elizabeth. Until the evening of Friday, February 17, 2017, Elizabeth was a healthy, social, active teenager who played Lacrosse. Her world was turned upside down that evening and has not been the same since. Elizabeth noticed a weird feeling and felt pain in her legs. Within a few hours she was paralyzed from the waist down and has not taken a step beyond that moment. Her condition was determined to be Transverse Myelitis, which is a rare neurological disorder. On top of adjusting to being in a wheelchair full time, Elizabeth suffers chronic pain, fatigue and health complications.

Her only wish is to spend more time with her friends and Sunshine on a Ranney Day is going to grant it!

Although she faces her battles head on, the social impact of this life change has hit her the hardest. She can no longer easily enter the homes of her friends due to lack of wheelchair accessibility. Her only wish is to spend more time with her friends and Sunshine on a Ranney Day is going to grant it! Elizabeth will be getting an accessible bathroom and a “hang out” space in her teen suite so friends can come spend time with her at home. With this new set-up, her service dog Stevie Ray will not be left behind. He is very excited about having his human friends over! We are ecstatic about breaking ground on this unique and sensational project to help Elizabeth adjust to her new lifestyle. Watch out world, she is going to shine brighter than the sun!

  • elizabeth_2019_family_00001

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Photography by Nicole Photography


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  • 5 Years Old
  • Modern Day Polio
Sweet Fenton has captured our hearts and will be acquiring a dream-worthy state of the art therapy room from Sunshine on a Ranney Day! Fenton was a perfectly healthy four year old boy until June 22nd last year when he woke up complaining that his neck hurt. He was diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Myelitis (Modern Day Polio). His entire body has become paralyzed; he is on a ventilator and a tracheotomy. This endearing little boy, who is the baby of the family, is fun-loving and laces humor into everything with comments and one-liners. Fenton is very verbal and very inquisitive. He has a big personality; and, has always asserted that he will be nothing less than mighty. He loves life with all of his being and relishes in learning. He is fascinated with different languages and loves learning words in many languages. He follows Atlanta sports teams and keeps up with the players and recruiting for the Atlanta United, Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta Braves. Fenton is currently one of only four cases of Modern Day Polio in Georgia and one of roughly 300 nationwide.

Fenton is currently one of only four cases of Modern Day Polio in Georgia and one of roughly 300 nationwide.

Fenton’s spine was infused with inflammation that quickly destroyed tissue including the nerve conduits leading to his extremities. He is scheduled to receive an innovative new surgical procedure called nerve transfers and is hopeful that the results will be positive; and, he will be able to breathe without a ventilator. Fenton’s daily routine is built upon an intensive therapy schedule. With therapeutic electrical stimulation and consistent movement, children like Fenton show strengthening and meaningful muscle improvements over time. Intensive therapy treatments are important for Fenton to achieve maximum potential. Fenton is a resilient trooper and a complete ray of light. He provides hope in the face of fear and replaces sadness with smiles. Sunshine on a Ranney Day hopes to bring endless smiles to Fenton and his family though this exciting venture! We’d love to see you at the big reveal!
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Photography by Niki Murphy Photography


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